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Title: Leaf Variation


  • to observe, measure, and graph leaf characteristics
  • to determine types of variation in leaves of same species
  • to observe and describe different types of leaf patterns


  • leaves of a single species of plant (Ficus sp.)
  • leaves from several different plants
  • ruler
  • calculator
  • graph paper


  • Measure the length and width of 25 leaves (use cm)
    • Record data in chart (see sample below)
    • Calculate area estimate (lenght x width) in cm2
    • Graph length (x-axis) vs area (y-axis)
    • Describe leaf venation pattern
  • Trace and/or draw 5~10 leaves from different plants
    • for each leaf, record species name, color, overall leaf shape, leaf venation pattern
    • record this data in a chart
  • Answer the analysis questions


Table 1: Ficus sp. Leaf Characteristics
Leaf Number
length (cm)
width (cm)
area (cm2)
leaf description
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .


Leaf Characteristics
Leaf Name
leaf description
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .
. . . .

Results: This will be your data charts and graph

Analysis & Discussion: Answer the following questions

  • Summarize what you did
  • Describe the characteristics of Ficus sp. leaves
  • Compare and contrast Ficus sp. leaves to those of the other species you observed
  • Were all leaves the same length?
  • What is the relation of leaf length and leaf area for Ficus sp. leaves?
  • Comment on variation in leaf characteristics

Conclusion: A one sentence testable statement about variation in leaf characteristics

Reflection: Personal thoughts on this activity

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