Chemical Names and Formulas

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Chapter 6 Questions and Problems

  • 1~9, 16~18, 20~38, 40~44, 46~54, 56, 61~62, 64~74, 76, 80~81, 83, 86~88
    Answer in complete sentences.....letter answers are insufficient
  • Show all work for problems
  • No Units= No Credit

Chapter 6 Objectives

  • to distinguish between ionic and molecular compounds
  • to define cation and anion and relate them to metals and nonmetals
  • to distinguish among chemical formulas, molecular formlas, and formula units
  • to use experimental data to show that a compound obeys the law of definite proportions
  • to use the periodic table to determine the charge on an ion
  • to define a polyatomic ion and give the names and formulas of the most common polyatomic ions
  • to apply the rules fo naming and writing formulas for binary ionic compounds
  • to apply the rules for naming and writing formulas for ternary ionic compounds
  • to apply the rules for naming and writing formulas for binary moleculara compounds
  • to name and write formulas for common acids

Chapter 6 Outline Framework: Use Concept Summary Page 165 as an aid.

  • Introduction to Chemical Bonding
    • Molecules and molecular compounds
    • Ions and ionic compounds
  • Representing Chemical Compounds
    • Chemical formulas
    • Molecular formulas
    • Formula Units
    • The Law of Definite Proportions
    • The Law of Multiple Proportions
  • Ionic Charges
    • Monatomic ions
    • Polyatomic ions
  • Ionic Compounds
    • Writing formulas for binary ionic compounds
    • Naming binary ionic compounds
    • Ternary ionic compounds
  • Molecular Compounds and Acids
    • Binary molecular compounds
    • Naming common acids

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Chapter 6 Terms:

  • anion
  • binary compound
  • cation
  • chemical formula
  • formula unit
  • ion
  • ionic compound
  • law of definite proportions
  • law of multiple proportions
  • molecular compound
  • molecular formula
  • molecule
  • monoatomic ion
  • polyatomic ion
  • ternary compound


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