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Lab Safety

Scientific Method Lab: Cricket Lab

Intro Lab: Volume Graphs

AP Lab 1: Enzymes Lab
(Alternate): Catalase Lab
(This is a hands-on lab. You will need to purchase active dry yeast, coffee filters, and hydrogen peroxide)
(Alternate): Enzyme-Controlled Reactions
(Alternate): Enzyme Catalyst

(Alternate): Enzyme Kinetics Lab
(Alternate): Enzyme Thermodynamics Lab

AP Lab 2: Difusion and Osmosis Lab
(Alternate): Active Transport Lab

AP Lab 3a: Mitosis Lab
AP Lab 3b: Meiosis Lab

AP Lab 4a: Plant Pigments I
(Alternate): Plant Pigments II

AP Lab 4b: Photosynthesis I
(Alternate): Photosynthesis II
(Alternate): Leaf Lab

AP Lab 5: Respiration Lab
(Alternate): Mitochondria Lab
(Alternate): Respiration Lab III

AP Lab 6: Bacterial Transformation
(Alternate): Translation Lab
(Alternate): Hemoglobin Lab
(ALternate): BioTech Corn
(Alternate): DNA WebLabs

AP Lab 7: Fly Lab
Chi Square Practice Lab
(Alternate): Corn Genetics Lab
Genetic Corn: Use with Corn Genetics Lab
(Alternate): Genetics WebLabs
(Alternate):Pedigree Lab 

Lab 8: Population Genetics Lab
(Alternate): Fishy Frequencies
(You will  need to purchase 2 types of goldfish crackers for this lab)
(Alternate): Evolution 1 Lab or Evolution 2 Lab
(Follow the online directions for this lab and generate your own lab report! Evolution 1 is at Biology Labs Online and Evolution 2 at BioCourse)

Lab 9: Transpiration Lab
(Alternate):Transpiration Lab

Lab 10: Blood Pressure
(Alternate): Cardio Lab
(Alternate): Reaction Time

Lab 11: Animal Behavior

Lab 12a: Dissolved Oxygen
Lab 12b: Water Quality
Lab 12c: Primary Productivity

Lab Bench--Lab Review


Other Lab Simulation and Interactive Biology Sites to Explore

Virtual Microscope Labs


Virtual Microscope
Review how a microscope functions!

Virtual Microscope: Mitosis
Use with Mitosis/Meiosis Lab

Virtual Microscope: Meiosis
Use with Mitosis/Meiosis Lab

Make a Micrograph

Virtual Stem Cell Lab

 Genetics WebLabs
Tutorials to help you understand genetics

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Virtual Labs

Virtual Biotechnology Labs

Medical Mysteries

DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory

Online Science Labs

Simulations from Children's Hospital, Boston